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Allegro Media Design was founded in 2009 by Jeff Gehlert as an audio production company specializing in voiceover, original music scoring, and sound design for commercials, television, and film. After perfecting our craft in audio production, we expanded into video production and design, eventually progressing into eLearning shortly thereafter.

Our team realized there was a huge need not only for eLearning services, but eLearning that’s both effective and engaging. We leaned into our creative skillset and pushed ourselves, and have since become a leading provider of eLearning services to companies and organizations around the world.

Meet Our Team!

Our core team is a powerhouse of creativity and expertise, driving the innovation and excellence that define Allegro Media Design.
But we don't stop there. Collaborating with a dedicated network of talented designers and developers, we transform every project into a success story. Our extended team shares our passion for pushing creative boundaries, and it shows in every eLearning and media solution we craft.

Chief Media Designer

Jeff began his professional career as an Audio Engineer at the historic Bearsville Recording Studios in Woodstock, NY. After honing his craft working on films, commercials and major-label albums, he returned to Columbus, OH to start Allegro Media Design, a boutique media production firm specializing in audio, video, and the emerging landscape of eLearning. Since it’s inception in 2009, Jeff has been at the forefront of crafting innovative eLearning solutions for Fortune 500 companies across the US, while staying true to his audio roots by providing scores and soundtracks for tv shows and films.

Director of Operations

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Director of
Instructional Design

A Columbus native, Natalie has been a driving force behind Allegro's eLearning success since joining in January 2019. With a focus on crafting impactful training, she collaborates closely with clients, delving into existing materials and conducting interviews with stakeholders to transform their content into engaging, effective training courses. Recently, she designed and led a series of successful in-person training seminars for a client. Natalie's future vision includes leading our Instructional Design efforts and supporting marketing and business development for Allegro's continuous success.

Creative Director

After several years in the industry, Spencer traded in ad layouts for gradebooks when he became a teacher. He oversaw a 3-year design program at a technical school, encompassing graphic design, photography, web design, and game design. Throughout this time, he was involved in educational and vocational initiatives nationally and abroad. Years later, Spencer would join us, wanting to combine his background in technical education with his design expertise and passion for innovation. Now, Spencer leads us into new and cutting-edge concepts, from AI to VR, while driving design and development.

Some of our clients include...

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