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This is where Allegro started; audio production! From simple commercial voice-over services to film scoring and commercial music production, our in-house audio engineers, composer, and supporting team have the power to bring your content to life. We like to think of ourselves as your go-to sound design agency for a range of audio services.

Chances are you’ve heard our audio or music production on shows like The Voice, NBA on TNT, Colbert Report, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, WWE, UFC and so much more! Creating the right music for the scene or ad can immediately capture your audience’s attention and keep them hooked throughout your presentation.



Here are just a few of the audio production services we offer

Our Top-Rated eLearning Courses

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eLearning is a BEST PRACTICE in any industry

Nearly any business can benefit from our custom eLearning solutions, and we have extensive experience developing a wide range of courses. From retail courses to construction courses, our visually appealing and highly engaging courses keep learners interested and drive their productivity. We have been recognized as one of the best eLearning vendors for numerous industries. Here are just a few industries we've worked with:







Food Service

Human Resources



Call Center

Customer Service




Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we work with several translation services to ensure your course is accessible and understandable. We have previously translated our courses into French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Dutch, German and many more. Our translations extend into our audio, as we offer both voiceovers and on-screen text in different languages. We are also happy to add subtitles to our videos to make them easier to understand.

Absolutely! We'll work with your LMS team to ensure the course is published to the appropriate SCORM or Tin Can settings so that your course can be viewed via your corporate LMS and mobile devices. If you don't have an LMS team, we can work with you to get an LMS set up so that your workforce can access the training they need, when they need it. We also offer other unique and customer tailored solutions for your learning needs.

At Allegro Media Design, we use the ADDIE instructional systems design framework for our courses. ADDIE stands for analyze, design, develop, implement, and evaluate. We have found this to be the best approach for building our courses because it breaks the process down into clearly defined stages. Each stage forces us to slow down, evaluate your business’s goals, and perfect each stage before moving onto the next step. The result is a well-rounded course that delivers pertinent information to your employees.

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