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Earth Day: eLearning Environmental Benefits

Happy Earth Day! Days are getting longer, the earth is erupting with blooms of color, and the warmth of the sun is a welcome reprieve from winter’s harsh siege. What better time than now to reflect on the impact we leave on the planet? Let’s learn about eLearning Environmental Benefits!

Maybe your organization has a goal to standardize training across the company. And maybe you have a personal goal to reduce your carbon footprint and leave the earth a little better than you found it. You probably already know that eLearning is convenient, engaging, and easily scalable, but did you know it can help meet both your goals?

Believe it! A study of eLearning courses shows that eLearning consumed about 90% less power and emitted 85% less CO2 than traditional paper-based courses. Those are no small numbers! As you can imagine, small shifts to eLearning overtime can have huge benefits. So, what are some of the environmental benefits of eLearning?

Less Paper

Think about it, what happened to the last handout you got in a meeting or training? Chances are it’s collecting dust in your briefcase or buried under a pile of paper, never to be seen again. And an average office worker will go through about 10,000 sheets of this paper every year- that’s one big stack! So big, in fact, that a 12-foot wall could be built from New York to California with all the paper that is thrown away yearly in the United States.

It’s time to cut down on office paper waste- but how? At Allegro, we can take that wasted handout, tired training manual, and stacks of user guides and turn them into a digital, digestible course that employees can take any time, any place. Plus, courses are more interactive and engaging than a flat piece of paper, meaning staff will be better equipped for the workplace. Talk about a win-win.

Less Travel

Sending staff to conferences, flying in experts for presentations, and hundreds of workers making a daily commute all contribute to the dangerous greenhouse gasses that pollute Earth’s atmosphere. According to the EPA, almost 30% of global CO2 emissions are attributed to the transportation industry alone.

Plus, it’s expensive! Why not cut down on pollution while also saving a few bucks by offering training online? We’ve worked with many nation-wide and even international companies to provide training for employees, wherever they are. Because eLearning can be delivered directly to each learner’s screen, you can skip that flight cost and train staff from the comfort of their current work environment. Not to mention, the average office worker spends over $8,000 annually on work-related transportation. Imagine their relief when they can train without leaving the house- saving them money, time, gas, and future wear-and-tear car repairs!

Don't get knocked out by energy costs!

Less Space

Imagine that you’re now saving paper and cutting travel costs by offering eLearning. Employees are loving the freedom to learn at their own pace, and you love saving money by not flying in trainers from across the country. But what happens to that dark, empty conference room down the hall? *sad violin music*

You get to keep the lights off! As you continue to provide more and more eLearning opportunities, you can use fewer and fewer rooms. Perhaps so many fewer that you can move your business into a smaller space. That means less energy being used to light, heat, air-condition, and maintain a bunch of (now empty) conference rooms. Although, we won’t judge if you want to turn one of those dark rooms into a meditation (aka power nap) space. 😉

More Learning!

Saving the environment is great, but let’s be realistic. Your company’s main concern is the bottom line. We get it. You need employees who are effective in their job, aren’t wasting a ton of time on training, and feel empowered to contribute in the workplace. Again, eLearning to the rescue!

When you allow staff to learn digitally, you give them the opportunity to learn in a way that best suits their needs, to fail safely, and to revisit the material for increased retention. eLearning helps facilitate community by encouraging sharing, incorporating friendly competition, and leveling the playing field. Not only will your staff be working better on their own, they’ll be working better together.

If you don’t enjoy picking up trash on a hike or don’t relish the idea of switching to a compostable toilet (yuck!), you can still make an environmental difference by switching to eLearning! Send us your inches-tall training binder and watch us recycle it into a course you can use for years to come- paper, travel, and office space free!

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