At Allegro Media Design, our team focuses on custom eLearning courses that feature enticing visual and audio elements to help your employees grow their knowledge and skillsets. We never rush through the development of our courses to ensure it is not only engaging but to ensure each course aligns with the unique goals of your business.

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Our Development Process

Here’s an overview of how we approach each course that results in meaningful and effective progress for your company.

Understand Your Needs

The first step regardless of the type of course we are creating is to meet with the client to understand your specific needs and goals. This is an integral step that allows us to gain valuable insight about your company and the goals that you hope this course will help your business achieve.

Storyboard Draft & Review

Once our team has a clear vision for what you want to achieve, we will begin creating a storyboard that outlines the information that will be conveyed in your course. We can either create your course from scratch or use a template that can be modified to meet your needs.

Develop the Course

The third step consists of our skilled designers and creative team working on visual and audio elements to bring your course information to life. Unlike other eLearning development companies, our team doesn’t rely on a third party to develop the creative aspects of our course.

Final Approval & Upload to LMS

We’ll give you another opportunity to make edits to the course before conducting a quality assurance check. From there, we will deliver the course files to you so you can start sending them to your employees.

What We Do

The roadmap to your learning transformation journey starts by making sure to align your business and learning strategy. Allegro Media Group’s experience as a custom corporate training developer enable us to deliver impactful learning experiences that drive employee performance.
With a gamified learning experience, you can inject friendly competition into your workforce and develop a culture of constant learning.
Video Creation

Video Creation

Training videos are extremely powerful tools, giving students an opportunity to learn with their eyes and see theoretical concepts brought to life. Enhanced with graphics and resources, the videos we produce can help students visualize key concepts and access important learning resources at the touch of a button.
Audio Creation

Audio Creation

Increase user engagement and interaction with viewers with our audio options. We build on years of research into knowledge retention techniques and help you learn key principles with the assistance of audio and voice-overs.
Content Creation

Content Creation

Our content comes from a variety of sources, with the project team expertly handpicking, sorting, and synthesizing every element of the learning experience. Every course is perfectly finetuned and curated specifically for your needs.
LMS Integration

LMS Integration

Our courses can be fully integrated with your Learning Management System, so you can ensure you have access to the right content, resources, and tools. This way you can get a flexible and utmost effective learning program.
Instructional design will help your learning materials be effective and systematic. Our professionals know the best practices to make your courses engaging. A successful instructional design model will simplify the development process of your course and enhance the progress of the course listeners. All models are based on psychological and pedagogical principles.

What We Use

In order to deliver high-quality e-learning courses, and to maintain the exceptional standard of learning that our clients expect, we rely on authoring app that deliver unique, engaging, and customized experiences for professional learners.
Through authoring apps, we deliver interactive, high-quality educational e-learning courses to any mobile or web-connected device. With easy-to-use controls and content optimized for every screen, you can enjoy our educational content whether you’re on a computer at home or traveling with a tablet.
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What Our Clients Say

Despite having such a technical business, Allegro Media Design was up for the challenge. Not only were they communicative, but they took our feedback seriously and quickly implemented the changes. I look forward to working with them again in the future.
Amanda R.
Allegro Media Design was a pleasure to work with, and we are experiencing the positive impact that their work has had on our company. Huge thanks to the whole team for making the process stress-free for everyone on my team.
Kyle T.
I saw another course that Allegro Media Design completed, and I was on the phone with them the next day. With a tight turnaround time, we weren’t sure it’d be feasible, but their team stepped up to the plate. They delivered a beautiful product, and we are so thankful!
Peter C.
My small construction business needed help with training, as I realized I was spending too much time focusing on new hires. The team at Allegro Media Design was nothing but professional and courteous each step of the way. I absolutely love what they’ve produced for us and it has allowed me to refocus my energy.
Dave K.
One of the best decisions I’ve made as a business owner is investing in the continued education of my employees. It was a pleasure working with Allegro’s experts and I could tell they truly cared about what they were making for us. The results have been fantastic, we will absolutely be using them again!
Max S.
Blown away by the professional and passionate team at Allegro Media Design. They stayed within budget and were communicative when I had questions about our industrial training video production. Thanks for your help, the training videos are super useful.
Maria T.
We were blown away with the video Allegro Design was able to deliver! The production value and the professionalism of the team were just what we need as we made our first marketing video. They guided us through the process and helped adjust the script to create the biggest impact. Allegro Media Design is a valued partner and I look forward to more video collaborations.
Phil Payne, CEO, Apportis
Jeff and the Allegro media team are truly a pleasure to work with. They see themselves as a trusted partner on every project providing guidance throughout every step. They deliver the highest quality product and have worked with us to meet every deadline even when they haven’t been the most reasonable. I would recommend them to any organization looking to create dynamic learning experiences for their employees.
Meghan Walsh, Talent Program Manager, CRH Americas Materials
We selected Allegro Media Design Group from a list of highly talented course designers because of their exceptional professionalism, attention to detail, and creative problem solving skills. We are thrilled with their work, process, and end result. They went above and beyond our expectations and we will absolutely work with them again.
Maja Magnusson, CEO, Leadership Cadence
I knew we wanted to use gamification to bring our somewhat overwhelming information to life. Working with Allegro Media Design has been easier than I even anticipated. I met with them to discuss my vision, and they were communicative throughout the process, always responsive to my edits. We now have an amazing learning tool that we’ll use for years, and our employees love it.
Jeff R.
I heard about gamification, and I wanted to try it out for my growing healthcare business. It has been integral in keeping new employees engaged in a range of info, and I’m impressed with how much customization we could add. The entire team at Allegro Media Design has been a pleasure to work with! I’ll be using them again in the future.
Kelli B.
Gamification has changed the way that our company learns. This technology has been pivotal in so many facets of our company, I knew I needed to leave a review. It has helped our company grow and empowers employees to learn new information in a captivating way.
Josh T.
After spending my career going through boring new hire onboarding processes, I knew I wanted to create something different for my company. Working with the team at Allegro Media Design has been simple, painless, and overall outstanding. I’ve been getting great feedback already!
Anne Z.
It’s only been a month since we received the final product from Allegro Media Design, but the feedback is already overwhelmingly positive. Many have noted that this is one of the best new hire onboarding programs that they’ve been a part of. Couldn’t be happier!
Carl R.
Onboarding new employees is typically seen as a drag, but these custom courses have flipped the script. I have seen tremendous improvements in the process for my growing team, and I’m looking forward to using Allegro Media Design for more courses in the future.
Melanie W.
I have nothing but positive things to say after working with Allegro Media Design. So highly experienced in this industry, and the results they delivered are simply fantastic. I’d recommend this company to anyone!
Janette W.
One of the best compliance videos for employees that I’ve seen thus far! I wanted my team to be engaged and walk away with key takeaways following these courses, and that’s exactly what happened. It was a pleasure working with this company.
Tyler S.
When I think of corporate compliance training, I think of dry material. This wasn’t the case here! I’m impressed with how communicative the team was throughout the process, and they took our feedback in stride. Thanks!
Tamara W.
I searched for an audio production company near me and I was thrilled to find Allegro Media Design. Incredible team with even better results! The audio is clear, easy to understand, and exactly what we wanted.
Christina N.
Impressed with the team and the process from start to finish. It wasn’t a hassle at all and the end result is incredible. Huge thanks to the team for their hard work on our audio needs, we will absolutely be using you guys again!
Tyler C.
Allegro Media Design helped us revamp our company’s audio assets. They worked on voiceovers, production music, and sound design. They took our edits seriously and turned around amazing work.
Jennifer E.