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For nearly a decade, Allegro Media Design has been providing gorgeous Video Production, attention-grabbing Audio Production, and transformative eLearning Development for companies across the globe. 

Our highly-experienced team has worked with companies large and small to give us the experience to deliver the highest quality product on an efficient timeline.

At Allegro, you're in control.

Our dedicated staff work with you to gain insight about your business and understand your goals and needs.

We know branding matters.

You tell us the look and feel you're going for and we can make it happen. All of our work is tailored to fit your company's branding, meaning your video or eLearning course will seamlessly fit in to your media arsenal.

Your media company for life.

By following industry standard reviewing and iteration practices, you'll have the chance to give input and make revisions at every step of the process. We're so committed to providing a high-quality product that you're satisfied with, we stay connected to some of our clients long after the initial projects are over. We're here for the long haul!

Our clients include...

Columbus, Ohio    |    sara@allegromediadesign.com    |   (614) 271-0161