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Regardless of the type of business you run, new hire onboarding is an important part of building company culture and setting employees up for success. Custom eLearning courses are a great way to keep employees engaged.

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What is Onboarding a New Employee?

New member onboarding is the process of seamlessly integrating new employees into the culture and operations of your company. This process should set employees up for success and give them the tools and information necessary to thrive in their given role. 

The onboarding process should be strategic and enjoyable, helping to retain as many employees as possible and ensuring their experience with your company is positive.

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Why Is Employee Training and Onboarding Important?

Employee training and onboarding are the first experiences new employees have with your company, so it’s essential to do everything possible to curate a positive and enjoyable onboarding process. Doing so can help employees feel empowered to succeed and work hard while they are part of your corporation.

Information provided during the onboarding process should be easy to understand, clear, and given the right tone.

Key Areas We Cover in an Onboarding Program for New Employees

The onboarding process should be carefully considered to result in a warm, welcoming, and effective experience.
Tailored activities


Through modern and engaging eLearning courses for onboarding employees, you can help welcome new members into your organization and guide them toward success. Utilize eLearning to showcase current employees’ warm wishes and cultivate a sense of belonging within your company.
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Core Values

Teaching the core values of your company is another important facet of onboarding new employees. Through eLearning courses, you can instill in your new employees the most important information about your company to build a solid foundation. Your core values should show employees what helps make your organization unique and instill positive messaging to keep them pushing forward.
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Another face of your onboarding eLearning course is conduct or examples of acceptable behaviors at your company. This can help engrain how employees should act on a day-to-day basis and within their roles. Popular methods for doing so include simulations and role-plays to exemplify expectations. Animations are also beneficial in helping new employees retain information.
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Utilizing real-life scenarios in your onboarding eLearning courses can help provide much-needed support for your employees when they’re faced with a challenge. In addition, courses can and should be tailored toward different departments, so they are as relevant as possible to each new employee.

Industries We Serve

Our team has experience creating onboarding eLearning courses for a host of different industries such as:



Give your retail employees a warm welcome through our courses to keep them engaged and set them up for success. In addition, we can teach critical skills specific to your business.



Teach onboarding employees the core values of your construction company and convey expectations on how to act daily.



Our courses can help create a uniform teaching experience and teach your new staff what’s expected day in and day out of their new position.



Set expectations, convey your company’s core values, and curate finance-specific information through our custom eLearning courses.



With the potential for so much variance across your sales team, the onboarding process can build a solid foundation, relay your core values, and create a stronger, lasting workforce for your company.

How Our Custom eLearning Solutions Benefit Your Company’s Employee Onboarding Process

How does onboarding benefit the employee? There are many ways that eLearning courses can help with this process, including:
  • Provides a straightforward onboarding template and timeline
  • Reduces stress for the onboarding employee
  • Shortens the life cycle for onboarding employees
  • Reduces the risk of human error and the need for manual intervention
  • Promotes transparency
  • Ensures the onboarding process is consistent for new hires
  • Creates a more meaningful and memorable onboarding experience for each new hire

How We Work on Custom Employee Onboarding Courses


Understanding the needs

The first step in creating your onboarding courses is to gain a complete understanding of your company’s needs and expectations for the course. This allows us to ensure the content we create will be engaging and beneficial to your employees.

Drafting storyboards

We then draft storyboards that outline what the course will cover, either starting from scratch or using a template already created. Finally, we will send this to you for review to ensure it aligns with your business goals.

Course development

Next, our team of in-house designers works to bring the course to life through visuals, audio, and other engaging, creative learning methods. Unlike other eLearning companies, we don’t need to outsource this step, allowing for the highest-quality results from a team of passionate designers.

Approve and upload

We finish the process by submitting the onboarding course for your approval. Our team is happy to make edits throughout to better align with your goals and desires. Once we have your final approval, we will conduct a quality assurance check and pass the course onto you to distribute through your LMS.

Our Top eLearning Onboarding Projects



We’ve had the pleasure of creating multiple onboarding eLearning courses. For example, we recently created a retail onboarding course to help a major home improvement company streamline its onboarding process.

New Hire Orientation

We also worked with a company in the hospitality industry to create a flawless new hire onboarding process to give new employees a warm welcome, helping to set them up for success.

Why You Should Partner with Allegro Media Design for Your Onboarding Course

Utilizing our company for your onboarding eLearning needs comes with benefits such as:
Increased engagement and interactive learning
Our courses will have more of an impact on your onboarding employees, creating a memorable and effective training experience that points them in the right direction at your company.
Blended training
Combining traditional, hands-on learning with eLearning helps diversify how your employees learn. This will significantly aid with employee development and help your employees achieve longstanding success.

Timely assessments

We can include assessments to identify any skill gaps in your new employees, revealing where there’s room for additional development.

More memorable experience

Help your company stand out from the crowd with our unique approach to learning. This is a new approach that we encourage you to try!


Once the courses are made to your liking, they can be used repeatedly to onboard employees for years to come. We can also make updates to courses as necessary.

What Clients Say About Our Onboarding Training Courses

After spending my career going through boring new hire onboarding processes, I knew I wanted to create something different for my company. Working with the team at Allegro Media Design has been simple, painless, and overall outstanding. I’ve been getting great feedback already!
Anne Z.
It’s only been a month since we received the final product from Allegro Media Design, but the feedback is already overwhelmingly positive. Many have noted that this is one of the best new hire onboarding programs that they’ve been a part of. Couldn’t be happier!
Carl R.
Onboarding new employees is typically seen as a drag, but these custom courses have flipped the script. I have seen tremendous improvements in the process for my growing team, and I’m looking forward to using Allegro Media Design for more courses in the future.
Melanie W.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to improve the employee onboarding process?

One of the easiest ways to improve the employee onboarding process is to combine traditional learning methods with our eLearning courses. These courses will provide a strong foundation for your employees and make them feel like a genuine part of your company from day one.

What is the cost of a new hire onboarding eLearning course?

We encourage you to contact us directly for the most accurate quote for your onboarding eLearning course. We factor in course length, material, design choices, etc., to determine the final cost, and we are happy to answer any questions you have about pricing.
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