One of the best and most cost-effective ways to influence your company’s learning experience is through custom, self-paced eLearning courses and training solutions designed specifically for your business. At Allegro Media Design, we work with your company directly, cutting out the middleman. This allows us to learn about your audience, your organization, and how we can help further cement your company as experts in your field.

Our in-house design and production teams will work with you to make clean, interactive, and engaging eLearning courses that will change the way in which your company learns and distributes information.

Our Top-Rated Custom eLearning Courses

We offer custom eLearning course development and design services for various training solutions. We provide the following courses and more.

Interactive Games (Gamification)

Engaging and fun games are a lighthearted yet effective method for eLearning; think of games with scorecards, a mystery premise, or leaderboards. A wide range of audiences can benefit from eLearning with gaming elements, a process referred to as gamification.

Our Development Process

Here’s an overview of how we approach each course that results in meaningful and effective progress for your company.

Understand Your Needs

The first step regardless of the type of course we are creating is to meet with the client to understand your specific needs and goals. This is an integral step that allows us to gain valuable insight about your company and the goals that you hope this course will help your business achieve.

Storyboard Draft & Review

Once our team has a clear vision for what you want to achieve, we will begin creating a storyboard that outlines the information that will be conveyed in your course. We can either create your course from scratch or use a template that can be modified to meet your needs.

Develop the Course

The third step consists of our skilled designers and creative team working on visual and audio elements to bring your course information to life. Unlike other eLearning development companies, our team doesn’t rely on a third party to develop the creative aspects of our course.

Final Approval & Upload to LMS

We'll work with your LMS team to ensure the course is published to the appropriate SCORM or Tin Can settings so that your course can be viewed via your corporate LMS and mobile devices. If you don't have an LMS team, we can work with you to get an LMS set up so that your workforce can access the training they need, when they need it.

We Know Your Industry

Our custom eLearning course development services are ideal for a range of industries, including:

Our Custom eLearning Development Clients

We’ve been privileged to work with some pretty incredible clients over the years!
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Why Choose Custom eLearning Solutions Over Readymade "off-the-shelf" Courses?

The benefits of custom eLearning courses shouldn’t be overlooked. Tailored solutions offer a variety of advantages to your business that can facilitate growth and create brand loyalty. Here are only a few of the reasons to consider our custom eLearning solutions for your business.

Textual, Auditory, and Visual Quality

Our small but incredibly talented team prides themselves on producing courses that are nothing but the highest quality. We lean on this textual, auditory, and visual quality to help improve the learners’ experience, ultimately helping them retain more information. Rest assured that all courses will have your branding and pass LMS testing standards.

Help You Reach Your Goals

Part of what makes our company so unique is that we work with you directly instead of relying on a third-party design platform. We’ll meet with you to understand the goals of the course while providing innovative approaches and modern visuals to keep your employees interested. Understanding your goals helps us ensure we are creating a course that will have a lasting impact.


No two courses are the same because we work directly with your business to meet your specific goals. This flexibility allows you to align the right training materials with the right employees to help them meet their personal goals, ultimately helping you to meet your company goals as well.


Not every business-related subject is exciting or engaging on its own, but it’s our job to weave a unique storyline approach into each of our courses to keep your employees interested throughout the course. We use gamification, simulations, and modern visuals to connect with the audience.
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FAQ about Custom development solutions

Can I see examples of your custom eLearning solutions?

Absolutely! We have compiled a variety of examples to help demonstrate how we can assist your business. Feel free to contact us directly if you’d like to see more examples of our courses that we designed for your industry.

Do you offer integrations seamlessly with LMS?

We do! This is to help deliver our courses in the most effective way for your business. Our custom LMS can be configured for a variety of platforms to deliver the information in the most efficient way for your business.

How much does a custom eLearning course cost?

Cost depends on whether you simply need a cosmetic update to an existing course, or a brand new course built from scratch, as well as factors such as custom audio or video. We encourage companies to consider the value our courses can add to their practice instead of a specific course dollar amount. The quality of our products will shine through with each course we develop for your business.

Do you offer custom eLearning templates?

Absolutely. We know the needs of your business and your employees are unique, so we don’t take a cookie-cutter approach when designing our templates. Once we have a better idea of the goals you have for your business, we can begin creating a custom template for your courses.

How long will it take to create this eLearning module?

The average course duration is 1-2 months. How long it takes our team to produce your course depends on a multitude of factors, including how long you want the course to be, what the subject is, how many custom visuals we will need to produce, etc. If you are using content from a course that already exists, it will take us 8-10 weeks to produce your course. If the course is being built from scratch, it will take around 3.5 months for us to complete. Rest assured that we will keep you updated with your timeline so you know when you can expect your course to be completed.