If your business needs to develop effective, memorable eLearning courses for your employees, then using experienced instructional designers is essential. Not only do instructional designers take the time to understand their learners, but they address gaps in performance to drive further skill and knowledge development. 

From there, instructional design experts carefully select the ideal combination of learning modalities to achieve the learning goals. Common examples of modalities include microlearning, job-aids, self-paced digital learning, action planners, interactions or gamification to help ensure the new skills are integrated successfully into the learner’s job.

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What Is Effective Instructional Design?

Through instructional design for eLearning course development, knowledge isn’t only presented, but it is applied. Through the process of assessing needs and designing a unique learning process, instructional design acts as a systematic method of producing curricula. 

‍When you work with Allegro Media Design for your instructional design needs, here are some benefits you can expect:
Tailored activities

Tailored activities

Our team factors in the learner’s current skill set and learning motivations to help fill gaps. This allows us to ensure that what we create has the biggest impact on the audience.
Simple navigation

Simple navigation

The user experience is always factored into our instructional design approach. Between simple navigation and straightforward text, the learner is able to focus on absorbing new information and developing new skills.
LMS Integration

Real-life examples

Providing context surrounding the subject and connecting the learner to real-world examples and case studies allows them to get the most out of their learning experience.

When Is Instructional Design Needed?

Our instructional designers produce high-quality training materials, and everything we produce passes through a robust quality assurance process before it is presented to the client. This allows us to deliver the most effective, engaging materials for you and your business. If you need training documentation in another language, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Examples of our training documentation include:
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User manuals on how to use our products

Instructional design is used for creating user manuals by providing a structured and organized approach to designing the content and format of the manual, ensuring that the information is effectively communicated to the user.
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Facilitator scripts

Facilitator scripts can be very useful for ensuring consistency in facilitation, especially when multiple facilitators are involved. They can also help facilitators stay on track and cover all the necessary topics in a given time frame. Additionally, facilitator scripts can be a helpful tool for novice facilitators who may be less confident in their ability to lead a group discussion.
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Powerpoint training presentations

Our Instructional Designers use adult learning principles to optimize Powerpoint presentations for learners, before passing them off to our graphic designers to create sleek, modern layouts.
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Reference guides with FAQs

Creating useful takeaways for your learners is essential to them being able to utilize their new knowledge on the job. We can create effective and engaging takeaways and job aids tailored directly to your training.

Industries We Work With

Below are some examples of industries that we commonly assist:













Why Choose Us?

Our instructional design experts have been in this industry for over a decade, and we are passionate about understanding your knowledge gaps to create impactful solutions. To successfully create our instructional design solutions, we get to know you and your needs before we get to work.

It is through these meaningful client relationships that our true skills and artistry shine. We approach each client with a fresh perspective, providing our guidance and recommendations along the way. You can expect an end product that is engaging, custom-made, and results-driven to have a lasting impact on you and your employees.

Our Instructional Design Process

Our team uses storyboards as a focal point in communicating with clients, developers, and subject matter experts.
Through storyboards, we compile visuals, keep content organized, provide instructions, and craft your unique learning needs.
Storyboarding comes in several forms; from complex software to simple basic tables, our goal is to demonstrate how we can help your business. Each instructional design course outline is carefully curated for your business.
Examples of what you may see include:

Learning content that outlines the overall message and how it will be integrated throughout the development process.


Visual assets such as graphs, font size, and color, images, drawings, animations, or other assets can bring the story to life.


Narration if you’re interested in voiceover or closed captions. The subject matter expert will ensure everything is factually accurate.


Developer instructions to help them understand how to build your course.

What Our Clients Say About Us

We were blown away with the video Allegro Design was able to deliver! The production value and the professionalism of the team were just what we need as we made our first marketing video. They guided us through the process and helped adjust the script to create the biggest impact. Allegro Media Design is a valued partner and I look forward to more video collaborations.
Phil Payne, CEO, Apportis
Jeff and the Allegro media team are truly a pleasure to work with. They see themselves as a trusted partner on every project providing guidance throughout every step. They deliver the highest quality product and have worked with us to meet every deadline even when they haven’t been the most reasonable. I would recommend them to any organization looking to create dynamic learning experiences for their employees.
Meghan Walsh, Talent Program Manager, CRH Americas Materials
We selected Allegro Media Design Group from a list of highly talented course designers because of their exceptional professionalism, attention to detail, and creative problem solving skills. We are thrilled with their work, process, and end result. They went above and beyond our expectations and we will absolutely work with them again.
Maja Magnusson, CEO, Leadership Cadence
I am always very happy and encouraged when receiving a VO request from Allegro Media- Jeff always provides clear direction and encourages me to deliver a recording that is just not a product, but a great experience for his clients. The content provided is always on point, and the direction is easy to follow - If I have a question on style or pronunciation, Jeff is always available to assist which makes getting the job done in a timely manner and right the first time!
Angie Skinner, Voice Actress
We were looking for a rock-solid Learning Development shop that could augment our team as well tackle projects independently and Allegro was the perfect fit. We partnered with Allegro for all our voice-over needs, development of custom eLearning courses, and the coordination of multi-camera video shoots at our executive sales retreats. The Allegro team allowed our small internal learning org to scale and meet the needs of the nation-wide supply chain that we supported. Thanks Jeff, Sara, and team!
Tim McClurg, Learning Manager, Cardinal Health
The team at Allegro Media Design was our first choice to create a video presence for Apportis. They worked with us to refine the script and were professional throughout the process. What they delivered was beyond our expectations and I now have a long list of videos I want them to produce
Phil Payne, CEO, Apportis


What are the stages of instructional design?

We start by analyzing the requirements of your business and understanding the key learning objectives you want to achieve. From there, we develop a design and draft a storyboard for your approval. Developing a storyboard and prototype comes next, followed by the client’s final approval. Evaluating the impact of the course is the final step of our instructional design process.

What is the hourly rate for instructional designers?

What is the price for instructional designers work? Many factors play into the price of our instructional designers' work. We encourage you to contact us directly for the most accurate and updated pricing information.

How is technology affecting instructional design?

Technology is elevating our instructional design capabilities and allows us to produce a higher-quality end product. It provides both our team and the learner with greater control over the learning process.

What is the difference between instructional design and instructional technology?

Instructional design is the process of planning and creating materials that deliver knowledge to learners. Instructional technology refers to the tools or specific technologies that assist with learning. Instructional design uses instructional technology to form a well-rounded learning approach.
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