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Our team at Allegro Media Design is happy to assist you! Whether you need a simple voice-over or full music production for your eLearning course, we have a team of in-house audio engineers based in Columbus, Ohio who will bring your content to life.

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Our eLearning Audio Production Portfolio

We’re proud to show off some of our recent projects! Browse below to hear some examples of how we can bring your training to life with audio.
Music Production
Voice Over Reel (eLearning Narration)

Clients We Work With

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What Is eLearning Audio Production?

It’s no longer enough to simply rely on well-written content to drive results. Today’s eLearning needs to be interactive, visually appealing and (most importantly in our minds) sound amazing in order to keep learners engaged. Employees are used to listening to high quality sound in streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, so opening a course where the voice over and sound has been phoned in (figuratively or literally in some cases) can be distracting and counterproductive.

What Is eLearning Audio Production

What Do Our eLearning Audio Creation Services Include?

As one of the top eLearning audio production companies in the area, we know what it takes to produce quality results.

Original Music

Our team can compose original music that aligns with the goals of your course. In addition, we have a music library with licensed access to over 1 million tracks to ensure you love the end result of your course’s audio.

Examples include:
  • Soundtracks and scores
  • Production music
  • Jingles
  • Bumpers and stingers

Sound Design

Instantly bring your course to life through sound design. It elevates your course through custom sounds.

For example, our sound design services include:
  • Sound for film, tv, and cartoons
  • Sound effects and foley
  • Field audio
  • Video game sound design


We’ll make the voiceover process seamless and painless. We have a spacious and high-tech recording studio to produce top-tier results.

In addition to eLearning voice-overs, we can help with:
  • Radio spots
  • Podcast recording/editing

What Do Our eLearning Audio Creation Services Include?

As one of the top eLearning audio production companies around, we know what it takes to produce quality results.


Music Production

Music Production

Sound Design

Sound Design

Industries We Work With

We create high-quality eLearning audio content for a scope of topics and industries.


From eLearning narration to audio tutorials, whatever audio assistance your retail store needs, Allegro Media Design can help.


The world of technology will continue to infiltrate other industries. Allow our team to create beautiful voiceovers, field audio, sound effects, and more.

Interactive Games (Gamification)

Engaging and fun games are a lighthearted yet effective method for eLearning; think of games with scorecards, a mystery premise, or leaderboards. A wide range of audiences can benefit from eLearning with gaming elements, a process referred to as gamification.


Sound design, voiceovers, and other custom audio tools are a great way to assist your finance eLearning needs!


From creating voiceovers to help onboard new employees to narrating courses revolving around compliance and safety, we are happy to help.


Custom sound effects, voiceovers, sound design, and other audio assets are an ideal way to help your manufacturing employees grow and learn.

Why Should You Choose Allegro Media Design for your eLearning Audio Production?

Your search for the right eLearning audio production company stops at Allegro Media Design. Here are only some of the reasons to work with our team.


We have well over a decade of experience producing the best quality audio assets for a range of industries. We actually started as an audio production company, and we’re extremely passionate about creating voiceovers, original music, sound design and more for your business.

Personable Approach

We take the time to get to know our clients and their unique needs to produce results that will have a genuine impact. We will never rush a project to ensure we have a clear understanding of your expectations and desires.

All Audio & Video In House

Unlike other eLearning companies, we complete all of our audio work in-house. No third parties or lags that often come with outsourced work. This allows you to make direct edits and provide feedback effectively.

On-Time and In Budget

We know that budget and timeline are two of the most important factors for many businesses. We’re always transparent with our prices and timeline to keep you informed every step of the way.

Our eLearning Audio Production Process

Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of our company. Here’s how we approach each audio project.

Gather Your Information

We’ll meet to learn about the details of your project, including your audience, messaging, goals, and other creative aspects. Budget will always be discussed as well.


From there, our highly experienced team will work to bring your deliverables to life, always keeping your timeline and budget in mind.


Then, we’ll edit your project accordingly to produce a cohesive message. As soon as the final product is ready, we’ll release it to you and assist with distribution.


How can I hire an eLearning audio production company near me?

If you’re interested in using an audio production company for your eLearning, Allegro Media Design is here to help! The first step is getting in touch with us so we can learn more about your project. From there, we’ll develop a quote. We’re looking forward to working with you!

When should I use audio in eLearning?

Audio is a great asset to use in your eLearning needs, as it is a creative aspect that can bring your courses to life. Even sound effects or other custom additions are a great way to curate a memorable learning experience.
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