Allegro Media Design is one of the top eLearning video production companies in Columbus, Ohio. Our team is composed of true artists who work on creating your eLearning videos, bringing your company’s unique learning vision to life.

As a result, you’ll receive a high-quality corporate training video that can increase employee productivity, skills, and confidence. Utilize these custom eLearning videos as an effective training tool for years to come.

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Our eLearning Videos

We’re proud to show off some of our recent projects! Browse below to hear examples of how our audio-video production company can help your business.
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Whiteboard Video

We Work with Different Companies

Interested in hearing more about our training videos? We’ve worked with companies such as the following to assist them with their educational needs.
Meta (formally Facebook)

Different Types of Training Videos We Can Create
for Your eLearning Courses

As one of the top eLearning production companies, we know what it takes to produce quality results.


These are short yet effective eLearning videos that focus on a singular topic. Microvideos are typically shorter than 60 seconds and are especially beneficial for just-in-time training and concept reinforcement.

Presentations and Lecture Captures

Video-based ILT can also be recorded and distributed for the audience to consume on their own schedule. This may be through recording PowerPoint presentations or webcam lectures by the professor.

Interactive Games (Gamification)

Engaging and fun games are a lighthearted yet effective method for eLearning; think of games with scorecards, a mystery premise, or leaderboards. A wide range of audiences can benefit from eLearning with gaming elements, a process referred to as gamification.


This is a tried-and-true instructional method that walks the learner through a step-by-step process. These video tutorials are typically 2-10 minutes long.


Another example of video in eLearning is screencasts or informal screen recordings designed for smaller audiences. This is a great method for instructors to clear up difficult concepts.

What Are the Benefits of Video in eLearning?

Why use video in eLearning? The benefits are expansive.
Facilitate Problem-Solving & Critical Thinking

Facilitate Problem-Solving & Critical Thinking

Multi-sensory eLearning can better communicate important problem-solving skill development. These videos use moving images, text, and sound.
Beneficial to Visual Learners

Beneficial to Visual Learners

Some people simply learn more effectively through visuals, while others prefer reading or listening. Using video in eLearning combines these for a powerful learning experience.
Easy Access Across Devices

Easy Access Across Devices

Easily learn through a variety of devices, including desktop, laptop, smartphones, or other handheld devices. Take learning with you wherever you go.
Animations Help Communicate Difficult Concepts

Animations Help Communicate Difficult Concepts

Another great benefit of videos is using animations, including colorful cartoons, explanatory white-board drawings, and more.
Cut Back on Training Time and Cost

Cut Back on Training Time and Cost

eLearning courses are a great way to produce meaningful and effective content that directly aligns with your business objectives, while saving on the costs that go along with instructor-led training (ILT).
Teaches the Dos and Don’ts

Teaches the Dos and Don’ts

Video in eLearning directly shows the right and wrong way to navigate situations, allowing the learner to spot their mistakes in a practice environment.

eLearning Video Best Practices We Use in the Video Creation Process


We utilize on-screen text, animation and graphics to grab the learner’s attention. We include keywords, different colors for contrast, or symbols that draw attention to certain topics.


This eLearning production technique separates information into digestible chunks so the learner can absorb the information. Learners can also pause on certain segments to complete a question or small quiz.


There is some information that doesn’t contribute to the overall goal of the individual learner. We don’t overdo it when it comes to complicated or distracting backgrounds or animations that may take away from the learning experience.


This is a technique that combines multiple learning techniques into one. For example, the presenter may be speaking on one area of the screen with supporting information on another area of the screen.

How Do We Make Your eLearning Videos Stand Out?

Our goal is to produce eLearning content that your employees genuinely enjoy. After all, they will need to sit through each lesson with focus and concentration to retain as much information as possible. This is why our eLearning production is always interactive and engaging. This can include:
AR/VR Components
Breakout Sessions
Dialog Simulations

Industries We Work With

We design and develop custom eLearning solutions for a variety of industries.

From Retail to Construction, our interactive, visually appealing, and highly engaging eLearning videos keep learners interested and contribute to better performance and results from your employees.

Interactive Games (Gamification)

Engaging and fun games are a lighthearted yet effective method for eLearning; think of games with scorecards, a mystery premise, or leaderboards. A wide range of audiences can benefit from eLearning with gaming elements, a process referred to as gamification.

What Do Our eLearning Audio Creation Services Include?

As one of the top eLearning audio production companies in the area, we know what it takes to produce quality results.

Original Music

Our team can compose original music that aligns with the goals of your course. In addition, we have a music library with licensed access to over 1 million tracks to ensure you love the end result of your course’s audio.

Examples include:
  • Soundtracks and scores
  • Production music
  • Jingles
  • Bumpers and stingers

Sound Design

Instantly bring your course to life through sound design. It elevates your course through custom sounds.

For example, our sound design services include:
  • Sound for film, tv, and cartoons
  • Sound effects and foley
  • Field audio
  • Video game sound design


We’ll make the voiceover process seamless and painless. We have a spacious and high-tech recording studio to produce top-tier results.

In addition to eLearning voice-overs, we can help with:
  • Radio spots
  • Podcast recording/editing

Why Should You Work with Allegro Media Design to Create Your Video-Based eLearning Courses?

With over 1,300 projects under our belt, we know what it takes to create courses that have a genuine impact.
In-house design and creative experts ready to bring your vision to life.
Always focused on delivering projects on-time and within budget.
We’ll happily edit the video until you’re completely satisfied.
No distracting third-party sales teams.

Our Process of Creating Effective eLearning Videos


Gather Your Information

First, we understand the specific needs of your business.


Next, our experts will begin delving into research to help build a top-tier product.


From there, we will use animation, voiceover, storytelling, live-action video, and more to produce content pieces designed for your audience.


What is the average cost of an eLearning video?

Prices range depending on the size of the project you need. Because the spectrum is so wide, we encourage you to reach out to us directly for a quote. If you have a budget in mind, please let us know, and we will work with you accordingly!

How to plan eLearning video production?

You can get in touch with us as soon as you realize you’ll need a custom eLearning video produced. The timeline for each video depends on many factors, but there’s no harm in reaching out to us so we can assist you in planning what videos are ideal for your needs.

What makes a good eLearning video?

Quality eLearning videos include eye-catching graphics and assets, a clear course objective, and keep employees engaged throughout. We have over 10 years of experience in this space, and we know what it takes to produce results for your company.

Can you make the whole eLearning video course?

Absolutely! Whether you need a one-off course or you need an entire video package, we are happy to help you with your company’s training needs.
Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help your business!
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