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From K-12 & higher education and beyond, there will always be a need for education. But the way in which we learn continues to change. It’s more important than ever that schools of all sizes and in all locations embrace online education training, and our team at Allegro Media Design is here to help!

Clients We Work With

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Online eLearning Training Courses for Educational Facilities

eLearning in education used to be rare but as the world changes, so must our learning techniques. On top of that, the education and training sector is highly complicated as it is. From public sector schools to higher education colleges to small, private charity sector organizations, there are many types of institutions. Much of the learning combines both in-person and eLearning techniques to create a form of blended learning.

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Key Challenges With Classroom Learning

Traditional classroom learning comes with challenges that eLearning for K12 and beyond does not.

Generational Shifts

Regardless of if your child attends a public or private school, they have grown up with technology. In-person teaching may not be able to keep their attention the way that a screen does.

One-Size-Fits-All Approach

Not everyone likes to learn in the same way. Traditional classrooms follow a streamlined learning approach that can isolate some students and cause frustrating roadblocks to their educational process.

Inflexible Budgets

The world’s economy is changing daily. As it ebbs and flows, governments undoubtedly tighten their spending on education. The same holds true in privately-funded education institutions as there is pressure to demonstrate a strong ROI as fast as possible.

Talent Shortage

Did you know that half of all teachers leave the education industry after 5 years? On top of this, there is a low overall retention rate, forcing educational institutions to address talent shortages.

Why Effective eLearning Is Essential in Education and Training?

By transitioning your in-person classes online, you gain a host of advantages that in-person education doesn’t offer. Here are only some of the benefits of eLearning in the classroom in helping students reach their full potential.
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Adaptable, Centralised Training

eLearning comes with additional flexibility and functionality that in-person learning doesn’t. New learning content can always be added to courses to address skill gaps or meet new compliance regulations.
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Offers Remote Learning

Students, parents, and teachers can all access their courses from anywhere at any time. eLearning college courses are becoming increasingly popular as well.
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Engaging Content

It’s easy to keep your learners engaged thanks to living video sessions, quiz modules, gamification, and enticing audio and visual elements.
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Save Time and Money

eLearning courses are cost-effective and can be repurposed as many times as you’d like. This can permanently reduce your training costs.
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Simplify Administration

As more learners are spread out across geographical areas, it can be challenging to train them. eLearning eliminates the need to gather everyone in one place.

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Whom We Help

Our custom education courses are tailored toward the following groups.


It’s never been easier to document, track, and deliver effective online training courses for K12 students. Plus, our courses are engaging and can be tweaked to appeal to all ages.

Educational Academies

eLearning can improve communication and resource sharing for higher-education academies. Each course allows students to get through the material in their own time.


More and more colleges are implementing eLearning courses for their students. This on-the-go learning approach gives them the flexibility to complete each course from wherever they’re located.

Types of eLearning Courses We Create

We have experience creating a range of eLearning courses tailored to fit your school’s online learning needs.

How We Work on Courses

We follow a unique approach to ensure that each course is as impactful as possible.

Understand Your Needs

All educational needs are different. Before we jump into creating a course for you, we will first meet with you to better understand your organization and your goals. This allows us to produce meaningful content that will make a difference.

Storyboarding Process

Next, our team will take the information from our initial conversation and put together a custom storyboard for you to review. If you prefer, we can also use a template that can be modified.

Course Development

Once the storyboard is assembled, we’ll tap into our team of in-house designers and creatives who will work to bring your vision to life! Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t need to rely on third parties for this process.

Approval and Delivery

Feel free to make any edits that you’d like! Once we know that you love the course, we will conduct a final quality assurance check before passing over the course files for you to use.

Why Choose Allegro Media Design?

Education and eLearning courses are best left to our experts.

Easy Course Delivery

Both teachers and students will love our eLearning courses to engage with their content. We offer an intuitive interface that is tailored to your learning goals and needs. Reuse the courses as many times as you’d like!

Blended Learning Courses

Blended learning courses include a range of images, interactive portions, video, and audio content. Combine our courses with instructor-led learning for an enhanced learning experience.

Customizations & Integrations

You can integrate our courses with all other programs and applications to create a seamless experience for your users. Feel free to customize the look and feel of each course to reflect your institution.

What Clients Say About Our eLearning Solutions

Jeff and the Allegro media team are truly a pleasure to work with. They see themselves as a trusted partner on every project providing guidance throughout every step. They deliver the highest quality product and have worked with us to meet every deadline even when they haven’t been the most reasonable. I would recommend them to any organization looking to create dynamic learning experiences for their employees.
Meghan Walsh, Talent Program Manager, CRH Americas Materials
We selected Allegro Media Design Group from a list of highly talented course designers because of their exceptional professionalism, attention to detail, and creative problem solving skills. We are thrilled with their work, process, and end result. They went above and beyond our expectations and we will absolutely work with them again.
Maja Magnusson, CEO, Leadership Cadence
I am always very happy and encouraged when receiving a VO request from Allegro Media- Jeff always provides clear direction and encourages me to deliver a recording that is just not a product, but a great experience for his clients. The content provided is always on point, and the direction is easy to follow - If I have a question on style or pronunciation, Jeff is always available to assist which makes getting the job done in a timely manner and right the first time!
Angie Skinner, Voice Actress
We were looking for a rock-solid Learning Development shop that could augment our team as well tackle projects independently and Allegro was the perfect fit. We partnered with Allegro for all our voice-over needs, development of custom eLearning courses, and the coordination of multi-camera video shoots at our executive sales retreats. The Allegro team allowed our small internal learning org to scale and meet the needs of the nation-wide supply chain that we supported. Thanks Jeff, Sara, and team!
Tim McClurg, Learning Manager, Cardinal Health
The team at Allegro Media Design was our first choice to create a video presence for Apportis. They worked with us to refine the script and were professional throughout the process. What they delivered was beyond our expectations and I now have a long list of videos I want them to produce
Phil Payne, CEO, Apportis
We were blown away with the video Allegro Design was able to deliver! The production value and the professionalism of the team were just what we need as we made our first marketing video. They guided us through the process and helped adjust the script to create the biggest impact. Allegro Media Design is a valued partner and I look forward to more video collaborations.
Phil Payne, CEO, Apportis

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to create a custom eLearning course for an education institution?

We understand that cost is a huge factor in your decision. It’s difficult for us to provide a blanket cost as each course is so different. For the most accurate quote, we encourage you to get in touch with our team. Once we have more details, we can discuss the numbers!

How long does it take to make an online course for a school or university?

Again, how long it takes our team to create a course is highly dependent on many factors. How long is the course? Is it custom or do you want to use a template? What elements would you like to include? Once we have the additional information from you, we will provide you with a timeline. 

Can your eLearning courses be integrated with edtech management or other systems?

Yes! Our courses are designed to be seamlessly integrated with your other systems to bring the most value to your organization.
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