Logistics eLearning is an ideal way to remove bottlenecks from your operations. Create and distribute shipping, warehouse, and transportation courses to give your team the skills to deliver products and services faster than ever!

Logistics eLearning is an ideal way to remove bottlenecks from your operations. Create and distribute shipping, warehouse, and transportation courses to give your team the skills to deliver products and services faster than ever!

Clients We Work With

From small local businesses to some of the top Fortune 500 companies in the U.S., we work closely with all of our clients to help them achieve their video goals. We are based in Columbus, Ohio, but we offer corporate video production for clients across the globe.
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Supply Chain and Logistics Online Training Courses for Your Needs

If you haven’t previously implemented logistics and supply chain management courses at your organization, now is an ideal time to do so. As the demand for global trade increases by the day, it is pivotal that your team has access to the shipping and logistics training tools that will help them work efficiently. The industry is constantly evolving and investing in custom eLearning courses is a great way to stay one step ahead.

Supply Chain and Logistics Online Training Courses for Your Needs

Benefits of Our Transportation & Warehouse Training Solutions

There are many advantages to warehouse management training that you may not have considered. Below are only a handful!
Cut Time & Costs

Cut Time & Costs

Rather than expensive and time-consuming instructor-led training, consider investing in eLearning courses to save both time and money.
Stay Updated

Stay Updated

As regulations regarding training and logistics are always evolving, our courses can keep your team updated with the latest information
Utilize Data

Utilize Data

As soon as one of your warehouse/logistics employees completes a course, you’ll be able to turn this data into usable reports.
Easily Accessible

Easily Accessible

Regardless of where your employees are located or what their role is, they can easily access our eLearning courses from their phones, computer, or tablet.
Scalable Solutions

Flexible Scheduling

Employees no longer need to dedicate days on end to learning new skills. Our courses are designed to be taken in small chunks to better fit into the needs of your employees’ schedules.
Engaging Content and Gamification


Make sure that your employees are retaining the information by using built-in quizzes that replicate real-world scenarios.

Types of Supply Chain eLearning Courses We Create

Allegro Media Design has extensive experience creating a range of warehouse and logistics courses. Through our training, you can reduce bottlenecks and costs while building value for your company.

Looking for a Custom Solution to Train Your Employees?

We’re happy to put together a custom eLearning course to target specific topics and groups within your warehouse and logistics organization.

Looking For a Solution 
to Train Medical Professionals?

How We Create Warehouse/Logistics eLearning Training Programs

At Allegro Media Design, we follow a careful process to help develop courses that will help your business.

Understand Your Needs

Before we jump into shipping logistics training courses, we first need to understand the needs of your organization. We will get to know your business and your goals so we understand the direction of the course.

Storyboarding Process

After our initial conversation, we will work to put together a unique storyboard that outlines the content of the course. During this stage, we can either create a custom storyboard or use one of our templates.

Course Development

Next, we will tap into our team of in-house designers and creatives to bring your course to life. We use high-quality audio and visual elements to keep the logistics and supply chain management training as interactive and appealing as possible.

Approval and Delivery

We’ll offer another opportunity for you to make edits and tweaks to make sure that you love the content. Finally, we’ll conduct a quality assurance check and deliver the files to you so you can start using them!

What Client Say About Our Supply Chain eLearning Options

We were blown away with the video Allegro Design was able to deliver! The production value and the professionalism of the team were just what we need as we made our first marketing video. They guided us through the process and helped adjust the script to create the biggest impact. Allegro Media Design is a valued partner and I look forward to more video collaborations.
Phil Payne, CEO, Apportis
Jeff and the Allegro media team are truly a pleasure to work with. They see themselves as a trusted partner on every project providing guidance throughout every step. They deliver the highest quality product and have worked with us to meet every deadline even when they haven’t been the most reasonable. I would recommend them to any organization looking to create dynamic learning experiences for their employees.
Meghan Walsh, Talent Program Manager, CRH Americas Materials
We selected Allegro Media Design Group from a list of highly talented course designers because of their exceptional professionalism, attention to detail, and creative problem solving skills. We are thrilled with their work, process, and end result. They went above and beyond our expectations and we will absolutely work with them again.
Maja Magnusson, CEO, Leadership Cadence
I am always very happy and encouraged when receiving a VO request from Allegro Media- Jeff always provides clear direction and encourages me to deliver a recording that is just not a product, but a great experience for his clients. The content provided is always on point, and the direction is easy to follow - If I have a question on style or pronunciation, Jeff is always available to assist which makes getting the job done in a timely manner and right the first time!
Angie Skinner, Voice Actress
We were looking for a rock-solid Learning Development shop that could augment our team as well tackle projects independently and Allegro was the perfect fit. We partnered with Allegro for all our voice-over needs, development of custom eLearning courses, and the coordination of multi-camera video shoots at our executive sales retreats. The Allegro team allowed our small internal learning org to scale and meet the needs of the nation-wide supply chain that we supported. Thanks Jeff, Sara, and team!
Tim McClurg, Learning Manager, Cardinal Health
The team at Allegro Media Design was our first choice to create a video presence for Apportis. They worked with us to refine the script and were professional throughout the process. What they delivered was beyond our expectations and I now have a long list of videos I want them to produce
Phil Payne, CEO, Apportis

Frequently Asked Questions

What is logistics training?

Logistics training is an essential facet for many warehousing and logistics companies as it helps employees better understand how to excel in their roles. Rather than traditional logistics training, more and more companies are using eLearning to distribute this content throughout their organization.

How much does a custom warehouse eLearning course cost?

Cost is based on a variety of factors such as the length of your course, whether or not you choose something custom, and more. It’s difficult to provide a general answer for how much each course costs, so we always encourage you to reach out to us. We’re happy to provide you with a quote once we know more information!
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