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7 Reasons to Outsource Your eLearning Course Development

Like many other areas of life, learning is transitioning into a virtual environment in the wake of COVID-19. eLearning courses provide a thoughtful curriculum for both employees and other groups who want to learn new skills and competencies.

To ensure courses are thoughtfully and strategically created, many companies are outsourcing eLearning development to professional companies to deliver innovative learning solutions.

Why Outsource Audio, Video, and Other Interactive Features for Your eLearning Course?

Why Outsource elearning course development

Running your business already requires enough of your attention and energy, and creating insightful and impactful eLearning courses is another item on your to-do list. Outsourcing online courses allow you to focus on other aspects of your business while a professional team creates custom courses tailored to your needs.

Here are some reasons to utilize eLearning outsourcing.

#1: Providers Have Technical Expertise

eLearning developers have the technical expertise and experience to pick, format, and present media within courses to make them as engaging as possible. Photos, sound effects, voiceover, and videos are just a few of the interactive media that we add to make courses really pop. While you know your content better than anyone, eLearning developers know design and learning theory and can use those skills to create highly effective training.

#2: Access to Technology That’s Not In-House

eLearning course creation is best executed with the right types of technology. Each course has multiple technological aspects that you may not know how to navigate. Leave this task to the experts who will ensure that your content remains intact while simultaneously working to produce a meaningful and interesting learning experience for your audience.

#3: High-Quality Results

With eLearning outsourcing, you are investing in highly experienced teams that know what it takes to complete the job successfully. All audio and visual course elements will be reflective of your brand and tailored to meet your specific goals. It is worth it to invest in quality assets that will make for a better overall learning experience.

#4: Increased Creativity

You and your in-house team undoubtedly have an excellent perspective and creative approach, but as months and years go by, you may fall into the same ideas over and over. There’s nothing wrong with repeating ideas but it may lead to courses that fall flat in front of your audience. Outsourcing online courses gives you access to a fresh set of eyes that can produce creative assets on your behalf.

#5: Build Trust

Trust is the foundation of any professional relationship. If you find a production crew that understands your business, goals, style, and needs, you have struck professional gold. Lean on this team over a one-off supplier that provided you with the most affordable quote. Reliability is key when deciding who to use for eLearning outsourcing.

#6: Faster Turnaround Times

Regardless of your business’ industry, time is of the essence. The faster you can produce engaging content without sacrificing quality, the more productive your workforce will be. There is no exception in eLearning course production. Since instructional designers have experience in course development, they’ll be able to produce what you need at a fraction of the time it would take an in-house team.

#7: Reduced Costs

You may think you’re taking the better route by producing eLearning course content in-house, but don’t forget to factor in the time, resources, and expertise required to produce training materials. As labor prices continue to increase, it’s strategic to utilize instructional designers and eLearning developers who will produce work more efficiently. As you unload this task to a professional team, your in-house employees will have more time and energy to focus on pressing tasks.

What eLearning Course Components Can You Outsource?

eLearning Course Components You Can Outsource

There are more creative elements to creating effective courses than you may realize. Outsourcing eLearning content development means you can hire a professional team like Allegro Media Design to help with various creative elements. Here are only a few examples of outsourced eLearning course components.

#1: Graphic Design

Graphic design elements can bring your course content to life. This refers to assets that are digitally created versus using pencils, markers, paints, etc. Graphic design elements are ideal for creating website collateral, billboards, social media assets, and many other professional resources.

Before moving forward with graphic design elements, spend some time researching to decide on the style and aesthetic you want to achieve.

#2: Instructional Design

Instructional designers are responsible for creating the design of the course including the instructional materials, storyboard and script development, guides, handouts, etc. Not only do instructional designers need to think about the overall feel and look of the course but they also need to evaluate how effective their training materials are. Outsourcing instructional design means the course content will be much more engaging.

#3: Organizational Design

Organizational design refers to course aspects such as competency mapping, career pathing, and job leveling. This process ensures that the structure of your organization is properly aligned with the objectives you want to achieve. The right organizational design in eLearning can make your course content much more effective in helping your organization achieve its goals.

#4: Digitizing Existing Training

If you already have training methods in place, it may be tedious to convert them into a digital format. Outsourcing this task to a professional can save your in-house team time and resources. The process of digitizing existing training also allows you the opportunity to break the content into smaller bite-sized chunks, an effective training approach for many businesses.

#5: Audio Production

Audio is one of the most important aspects of eLearning outsourcing as it guides the learner throughout the course and helps keep them engaged with the material. Professional voiceover artists have the expertise necessary to deliver the information in a clear, entertaining, and impactful manner. Sound effects and other audio additions are easy to include as well.

#6: Video Production

Outsourcing eLearning content development also includes video production. Top-notch video production providers create beautiful description videos, training materials, and so much more. Video is captivating by nature and it is one of the most important and effective training methods for your audience.

Suggested Approaches to eLearning Outsourcing

Approaches to eLearning Outsourcing

Now that we know what components you can outsource, how do you go about finding the right partner? Here are some suggested outsourcing approaches.

1. Start with One Course and Replicate It in House

As an initial approach, try outsourcing eLearning creation for one module and utilize the source files to build the remaining courses. This allows you to reuse strong components of the original course and gives you insight into the effort required to build a singular course. The course that you outsource will be ready to go live immediately.

2. Consider Outsourcing All Course Development

If you are able, consider outsourcing all course development to reduce the stress that your in-house team feels. Outsourcing content means your courses will be consistent and engaging across the board.

3. Select Your Preferred Provider

Another route would be to develop a relationship with the provider of your choice to access their expertise at all times. Tapping into a professional team will instantly elevate all of your courses and keep each course’s content fresh and engaging. As your working relationship continues to strengthen and the company understands your needs, the courses will only get that much better.


If you’re looking for a true partner for outsourcing course creation, Allegro Media Design is here to help! We are dedicated to producing beautiful and engaging courses for all industries. For additional information on how we can help, please get in touch with us by calling (614) 271-0161.