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What Should I Look for When Hiring an eLearning Vendor?

In today's rapidly evolving corporate landscape, the traditional model of in-person Instructor-Led Training (ILT) is undergoing a profound transformation. With the rise of remote and distributed workforces, organizations are increasingly recognizing the need to adapt and embrace a self-paced eLearning model. This shift not only aligns with the demands of the modern workforce but also offers a more flexible and scalable approach to training. As you embark on the journey of transitioning from ILT to a self-paced eLearning model, finding the right eLearning vendor becomes paramount. In this blog, we'll guide you through the key factors to consider when hiring an eLearning vendor, ensuring your investment leads to a successful and engaging learning experience tailored to the needs of your modern distributed workforce.

Who have They Worked With in the Past?

When searching for the perfect eLearning vendor, it's vital to consider their track record. Take a close look at their portfolio and ask for client references. The companies they've worked with in the past can provide valuable insights into the vendor's capabilities and the quality of their work. Do they have experience in your industry or a similar field? A vendor with a relevant track record is more likely to understand your specific needs and challenges.

Do They Have a Background in Graphic Design?

In the digital age, aesthetics matter more than ever. It's no longer enough to rely solely on well-written content; eLearning courses must be visually appealing to capture and retain learners' attention. A vendor with a background in graphic design can create visually stunning courses that foster learner engagement. Look for a vendor who can seamlessly blend captivating visuals with informative content.

In-House Media Team or Outsourcing?

The production of eLearning content often involves audio, voiceovers, sound design, and video elements. It's crucial to determine whether the vendor has an in-house media team or if they outsource these components. Outsourcing can lead to additional delays and communication issues, potentially impacting project timelines. Choosing a vendor with an in-house media team ensures smoother collaboration and faster turnaround times.

Interactions and Gamification for User Engagement

Engagement is key to effective eLearning. Ask potential vendors about their approach to user engagement. Do they incorporate interactive elements and gamification techniques into their courses? These features can make the learning experience more interactive, enjoyable, and effective, increasing learner retention and motivation.

Customization vs. Pre-Made Templates

Your brand identity is essential. Can the vendor create courses that align with your branding guidelines, or do they exclusively work with pre-made templates? Customization allows your eLearning content to reflect your organization's unique style and messaging.

Standard eLearning Software vs. Proprietary Systems

Consider the technology stack the vendor uses. Are they developing courses in standard eLearning software like Articulate Storyline, or do they rely on a proprietary system? Opting for standard software ensures that you can easily update and maintain your courses in the future without being locked into a vendor-specific ecosystem.

Development Process and Review Opportunities

Understanding the vendor's development process is crucial. Will you have the opportunity to review storyboards and final courses before publishing? A transparent and collaborative development process ensures that your vision is realized and that any necessary adjustments can be made before the final product is delivered.

Familiarity with Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Lastly, inquire about the vendor's familiarity with Learning Management Systems (LMS). Integration with your existing LMS may be necessary. A vendor with experience in this area can help ensure a seamless transition and efficient course delivery.


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