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Converting ILT to vILT: Embrace the Virtual Shift

2020 – what a ride, right? Just when you thought your training strategies were on track, along came a global shake-up that turned everything on its head. But, as they say, necessity is the mother of invention. The dramatic shift to online platforms not only kept us connected but also revolutionized how we approach learning and development. Welcome to the era of Virtual Instructor-Led Training (vILT), where Zoom isn't just for catching up with pals but has become a powerhouse tool for transformative learning experiences.

From Boardroom to Zoom Room: Making the Switch

At Allegro Media Design, we've been leading the charge in helping companies pivot from traditional Instructor-Led Training (ILT) to dynamic vILT setups. And let’s be honest, while the transition might sound daunting, it’s not about reinventing the wheel—it’s about optimizing it for a smooth, seamless ride.

Maximize Your Tools, Maximize Engagement

Remember those lively discussions and hands-on activities from your in-person sessions? They can thrive in a virtual environment too, with a little help from Zoom's nifty features:

  • Anonymous Polls: Kick off real-time discussions without the fear of judgment. These polls are perfect for gathering honest feedback and keeping everyone on their toes—virtually.
  • Media Sharing: Wave goodbye to clunky projectors! Sharing videos, images, and audio is just a click away on Zoom, making your training sessions as rich and engaging as ever.

Leveraging What You Already Have

Transitioning to vILT doesn’t mean starting from scratch. Many of the interactive elements from your ILT can be beautifully adapted to the digital landscape:

  • Interactive Breakout Groups: Use Zoom breakout rooms for activities like mock interviews or team projects. It’s like having multiple mini-classrooms where collaboration continues to flourish.
  • Utilizing Existing Presentations: Those PowerPoint slides aren’t going to waste. Bring them into your virtual classroom with ease, maintaining your brand’s look and feel, and ensuring content consistency across the board.

Seize the Opportunity to Enhance

Switching to virtual offers a unique chance to fine-tune your content. It’s the perfect time to address those little gaps that might have gone unnoticed in ILT:

  • Feedback and Continuous Improvement: Use the shift as an opportunity to collect feedback. What’s missing? What could be better? Continuous improvement is key in the virtual realm, helping you deliver top-notch training every time.

Why Allegro Media Design?

We’re not just about adapting; we're about enhancing. At Allegro Media Design, our expertise goes beyond just hosting workshops—we enrich them, ensuring each training session is not only informative but also a joy to attend. As the virtual world reshapes how we develop our workforces, Allegro is here to help you lead the charge with innovative, engaging, and effective vILT solutions.

Ready to transform your training approach with vILT? Visit us at and let’s create visually stunning, engaging virtual training that not only meets but exceeds expectations. Dive into the future of learning with Allegro Media Design, your partner in virtual training excellence. Your learners—and your bottom line—will thank you.